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Welcome to Carpet Cleaning Services NY. The best carpet cleaners in NYC !

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Our professional carpet cleaning solutions are designed to provide you with the most comprehensive carpet cleaning services possible. We use the latest available carpet cleaning technologies, combined with professional grade non toxic carpet cleaning solutions that guarantees results. Our services begin with a custom cleaning solution that is tailored according to your specific need and situation.

We offer deep cleaning solutions that handle spot stains, pet stains, dust, soil, odors and much more. We offer both dry and wet cleaning methods and can handle delicate fiber. Our hot water based cleaning solution is performed with special cleaning equipment that reaches the deepest levels of your carpet fibers while our dry cleaning services are usually tailored to handle more delicate rugs.




Recent surveys show that more than 45% of USA households have dust mite and other allergen concentrations at levels that are associated with allergies and asthma conditions. Our carpet cleaning experts can ensure the air quality in your home and can safely handle any type of allergen issue your home or business may be facing due to your carpet’s condition.

We also handle upholstery and drapes and offer complete home and business cleaning solutions that can are safe, professional and affordable. Whether you are looking for someone to clean up a small spill stain, or your room needs a complete deep cleaning, you can count on Carpet Cleaning Services NY for all of your cleaning needs. contact us today for your free no-obligation quote.

We specialize in:

  • Persian and Chinese carpets

  • Wall to Wall carpet cleaning

  • Indian and Pakistani rugs

  • Area rug cleaning

  • Custom cleaning solutions

  • Environmentally friendly products

  • Silk and other delicate / hand made items

  • Carpet sanitizing services

  • Disinfecting services

  • Stain resistant carpet coating

  • Rug restoration services